A story on the arrest of UN Rapporteur DR. Agnes Callamard has been making the rounds on social media lately. The links are from sites gma-tv.com and t1mes.com.

Here’s the snapshot from gma-tv.com.

Here’s the snapshot from t1mes.com.

Both articles were posted on May 12, 2017 and are obviously a syndicated release.

One netizen said it has to be true because a friend of his saw it on TV.

A quick search on the Internet will show that only these two sites carry the story. 

I used ICANN’s WHOIS tool to look up these domains and noted that gma-tv.com is registered to an entity in Kenya while t1mes.com domain is up for sale.

Here’s a snapshot of the WHOIS lookup for gma-tv.com.

And, here is the snapshot of the WHOIS lookup for t1mes.com.

Meanwhile, Callamare is still tweeting even after her “arrest”. Here is the snapshot of her tweeter page as of May 15, 2017 8:55pm.

It is quite clear that Callamard has not been arrested based on the activity in her tweeter page. Nor is there independent confirmation from other local or international media sources given the stature of Callamard.

It seems these two sites gma-tv.com and t1mes.com are on Fentanyl.


The recent headlines are making a show of the anti-dynasty debate.

As far as am concerned – the anti-dynasty law is a useless debate. As long as we have big government – whether these are made up of dynasties or not – the results are the same.

If these parties have the policies like:
* high taxes
* high government fees
* trade restrictions
* investment restrictions
* high public spending
* high public debt
* big government bureaucracy

the outcomes will be the same – joblessness, underemployment, poverty, and hunger.

DAVAO City Administrator Wendel Avisado said those applying for the renewal of their driver’s licenses should also submit themselves to psychological tests as basis for approval.

This as the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has made it a requirement for new driver’s license applicants to undergo additional exams to determine whether or not they have the mental aptitude for driving.

“The DOTC [Department of Transportation and Communication], as a national agency, will make sure this is legal. I support this move because this will be good for us,” Avisado said.

He added that having competent drivers in the city would contribute to the safety of both pedestrians and motorists.

“But I hope those who renew [their license] should also be made to take the test,” Avisado said.

Earlier, LTO Southern Mindanao Director Gomer Dy said aside from drug testing, they would ask applicants to submit for psychological tests in order to gauge homicidal or suicidal tendencies that will make a person a road liability.

“There are only two reasons for read accidents — driver’s negligence and the vehicle’s mechanical defects. Part of our efforts to reduce the number of accidents is to make sure we issue licenses to people who are qualified to drive and would not tend to do harm on the road,” Dy said.

Traffic altercations have been the reason for many road accidents in the past. (GLP)

Cmon guys. All the additional tests will not do any good if you do not implement an honest-to-goodness drivers licensing program. 

Who are we kidding when we all know, the LTO issues license in a sloppy haphazard manner – no one flunks the LTO exams.

Thus, when drivers who should have not been issued a license are given one, expect negligent drivers.

I have seen many newly arrived Filipino immigrants to the US flunk the drivers exams multiple times. Some even had to take the exam five times. There was one who even called up a friend of mine looking for a “connection” in the US DMV who he will just pay to be able to get his license. I told him outright, you can do that with the LTO, but this is no longer the Philippines – you have to pass a written exam (no cheating allowed) and a practical exam (offers of bribe are prosecuted).

The bottom line is, LTO – enough with the “lagay”!


January 7, 2009


Forgot that I still had this site going on. It has been awhile since I allotted some electrons to be displayed on this page.

Look at the bright side, I just saved you some electrons šŸ™‚

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Nice weekend

August 4, 2007

a couple of heineken lights and a bud ice six pack,
grilled angus beef burger patties,
with hardcore bisdaks huddled
in a car garage somewhere in northeast florida.

exhanging mild and serious banter from guns, goons, gold, and girls
– the proverbial 4Gs in the homeland. the ridiculousness of it all
and how filipino politicians are bringing the philippine nation
into deeper bullcrap. one need not go far and look at the capital.
it’s all over the islands – right in your own backyard.
starting with the barangay captain all the way to the top.
a bunch of incompetents voted into positions of responsibility.
ah, the power. of incompetent ill-informed miseducated choices.
dumb and dumber.

and my countrymen are too dumbed down to figure it out.
oh well – what else is new?
pfftttt… goes another can of heinken light

BBQ recipe

January 30, 2007

A recipe from Leslie

2 1/4 lbs chicken breast or thigh meat or pork, cut into thin strips
25 – 30 each bamboo skewers, 6 inch, soaked in water
1 cuprice wine vinegar ( you can use calamansi 2/3 cup)
3/4 cupsoy sauce
10 each garlic cloves, minced
1/2 cupsugar (brown sugar)
1 tsp.whole black peppercorns, crushed
1/2 tsp.salt
4 tbsp wosterchire saucehot sauce or siling labuyo(optional)

Mix all the ingredients, if you want it spicy you can add hot sauce like tabasco or siling labuyo.

Pour the marinade over your meat, let it marinate for 3-4 hours in your fridge.

It will taste much better if you marinate the meat overnight.

se the marinade for basting your BBQ while cooking it, put a little bit of honey on the marinade. Try it first at home. Make your own adjustment to the recipe.


Crispy Bacon Strips

January 29, 2007

Try this:

1. Spread the 5 strips of bacon on a cold frying pan.
2. Set to low temperature gradually shifting it to medium temp.
3. Remove bacon from pan and drain the fat or oil.
4. Wipe off the pan with paper towel. Put the bacon back to frying pan.

Repeat 3 & 4 until bacon is crispy.

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